Saturday, June 30, 2007


Another day at work.... I am awfully tired, didn't get much sleep last night, or today actually.... went to bed at 5:30 AM, stayed up reading till 6:30, slept for 3 hours and woke up at 9:30, got dressed then went to work........

So far, my job is quite interesting, I got to do a looooooot of things, including loads of paper work which reminds me why I simply love my pc........ I did some nice work, they are all pretty satisfied now, hope it lasts till I am done!!

It's a completely different summer this year, instead of staying in bed all day, watching tv or sitting to the laptop all night, I am on a very tight schedule, trying to do anything for fun but so far I haven't been very lucky!!!

I got to go to the computer malls, was looking for a new HDD, I was totally out of space, I found some portables but they are pretty expensive for my budget so I got a normal 120GB internal laptop HDD and a cover, now I have a nice free 120GB connected through USB for USD85!

It's an amazing feeling to look at the status bar and see all this white space waiting to be filled!

As a treat, I got a copy of Vista, installed it and I am now using it.... Of course I had some stupid time retrieving my bookmarks and offline contents etc. because I wanted to put a clean copy, no upgrading..... It's worth it after all!

I got the new Harry Potter too... Everyone who dares to say it's for kids is looking for a fight with me, this is no child's book or at least not only for children! Didn't read much of it yet, only about 115 pages, I am reading another book with it and again, it's the lack of time!

Emotionally, it's all shit right now, I am confused and I can't comprehend a lot of the stuff going around me.... It's like a death trap, whenever I think I am done, I survived, I am sucked back into troubles!!! I want to scream MERCYYYYYYYYYYYY some times..... But as everything else, it will calm down again in a while, and it will get even worse for the millionth time.... What can we say, it's life, and I am living it to the bone!

I don't know when I'll be able to write again, will try to go out soon and write about it but till then, I have to go do some work "I am on my coffee break" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dreamer said...

3 hours of sleep.. very hard-core, good luck with ur work.

And i was wondering which Harry Potter u mean, if u r talking about the 7th one then how did u manage to get a copy already?! it will only be released here(UK) end of July. i am dying to know what will happen.

Little Penguin said...

hey man.. at least you've got stuff to do.. stuff that will ultimately benefit you.. im spending almost all my time at home doing chores and what not.. it's benefcial in the long run but.. my pocket as feather-weight..

Harry Potter.. lol.. I went to watch Prisoner of Azkaban once and when the film finished, the kids got up and started pointing at me.. apparently, i look like him.. very very much..

I'm starting to read The Bell Jar.. bought it in 2004 and will start reading it tonight!

Dreamer, where have you been? the battle of the incides must be over! lol

Glory Rose! said...

Hey dreamer, thanks for stepping by... yes 3 hours and then a full time job from 10 to 8... I am probably killing myself this way, I'd better reschedule my sleeping!

Yes, it is the 7th book, I downloaded it, I know I know, Copy rights and stuff but it's not in my hands, we don't get books pretty easily, it takes months and I can't wait that long... Anyway, We do buy it when it is available!

It's the great thing about work, satisfaction, though money-wise, after that shopping spree, I am as broke as you are!

You look like our sweet HP, I'd love to see that :P

The bell jar, that's nice, have fun reading it "not exactly fun as in laughing, the author had depression"... did you try reading anything for Virginia Woolf?!

P.S I am a girl, me no man here :P

Barbra said...

where did you download the 7th book, still waiting here!!!

Glory Rose! said...

hey barbra,

sorry, it turned out to be a fake... A VERY good fake, but still one...

This is a torrent link to the one I downloaded if you are interested!

3eeraqimedic said...
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Glory Rose! said...

hey 3eeraqimedic,
I guess being a med student makes you get used to having less and less sleep through the years... But I also turned up addicted to coffee in all shapes and sizes!!

I am trying to cut it down a bit, but it's hard... I remember last time I had a stomach bug so my mom hid the coffee from me because I don't eat already and I only drink this black thing as she calls it!!

I feel like my whole existence depends on a holy cup of freshly grinned black coffee.. Bad, I know, but no pain no gain!!

3eeraqimedic said...
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Glory Rose! said...

:-S How comforting!!!!
Just kidding :P