Sunday, July 29, 2007



Ha khoti ha! E7na elassasna elmal3ab we7na elnel3ab bei!!!

The Landlord!

The Landlord

I want my moneeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Gloryness!!

Again, I went to our summer house for a couple of nights last week, it was okay, nothing special, some how boring except for how we got there and how we came back...

Usually, I go with my family in our air conditioned comfortable car... This time, only I and my cousin were going, some members of the family were already there waiting for us...

So we took a bus to get there, air conditioned but the weather was okay at night, it was around 7 when we took off, we ended up stuck in a 4 and a half hour trip instead of just 2 because the driver decided to pick some more passengers from another city not on our way!! During the torturing looooong hours we had to watch some horrible movies for that retard named Mohamed Saad, I nearly threw myself out of the window when I saw his name appearing on the screen but Some people restrained me!!

And here I would like to take the chance to thank god for giving me an mp3 player that is fully working and contains some decent things to listen too!!!

So we finally got to the city near our place, still got about 7 km to get to the house... Normally, take a taxi or whatever, but thanks to our incredible luck and the late timing, we ended up in a truck!!!! That's a first for me! scary first since he was driving like a maniac and scared the feckin day light out of us!!

Finally, home, had the first meal in 11 hours and went to sleep.

Days there are calm, just doze around and read, that's all there is to do... Maybe a walk on the beach at sun set and enough!

The way back was not less horrible, standing in the sun waiting for a lift to get to the same city so we can catch the bus, and again a truck!! We got into the bus, incredibly hot and some lousy air conditioning system, humidity is up in the sky , simply awful!!

Thank God, this time it was a direct ride about 2 and a half hours, sitting behind some teenage guys who were just back from a concert "party" for Haifaa Wahbi, of course you can imagine the kind of conversation that was going on, a fresh reminder of why I am off any human being with five extensions right now!! "no offense" actually girls are not better, so I am off the entire species!!

It was over and I was back home to my lovely room and precious belongings in a short while, dead tired and not as refreshed as I thought I would be... Too bad!

Here are some pictures from the holy trip to the sacred beach house:

I was waiting for my cousin to arrive at the main bus station, this is the cafeteria.

The view from my window, we are on top of a hill.

The beach, that's my cousin standing in the picture... Those rocks are really slippery!!

Another thing, today, while drinking my tea and watching tv, I came across this new some kind of reality show, it's called "Laguna Beach".... My only comment.... Thank you Lord!!

One last thing:

And there was a time when all I wanted was my
Ice cream colder, and a little cream soda
Oh Well, Oh Well

And a wooden box, and an alley full of rocks
was all i had to care about
Oh Well, Oh Well, Oh Well

But now my mind is filled with rubber tires
and forest fires
an whether I'm a liar
and lots of other situations where I don't know
what to do at which time god screams to me
“there's nothing left for me to tell you”

Oh Well, Oh Well, Oh Well

Little Cream Soda- The White Stripes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Title!

I bought a new mug, I watched it all fall in front of my eyes, I had a minor break down, I wanted to die, worthless is my word!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


familiar, huh?!