Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soor Alazbakiya!

On the request of the currently disappearing Little Penguin, those are some pictures from my trip to Soor Alazbakiya, the used books street:

The market next to the book stores, very crowded.

As you can see, not very crowded, the popularity of reading in Egypt is highly receding, a very worrying sign.

Afterwards, I went to "Madbouli book store", a very famous one in Egypt and Arab countries as well, where I got some very good Arabic books, everything I was looking for actually.

A list of the books purchased along with my cousin:
*The undomestic goddess "Sophie Kinsella".
* Ignorance "Milan Kundera".
*Taxi "Khalid Alkhamisi".
*Sushi for Beginners "Marian Keyes".
*The other side of the story "Marian Keyes".
*The brothers Karamazov "Feodor Dostoevsky".
*Life of Pi "Yann Martel".
*Five quarters of the orange "Joanne Harris".
*Bridget Jones's diary "Helen Fielding".
*Are you inoculated against the Harem?! "Fatema Mernissi".
*The Pigeon "Patrick Suskind".
*Testaments betrayed "Milan Kundera".
*On turning Eighty "Henry Miller".
*Nightmares of Beirut "Ghada Alsamman" .