Friday, June 22, 2007

Jasim Show!

This is the definition of killer funny!!!

P.S only Iraqis will understand this!


Truth About Iraqis said...

fugur ibn fugur!


Where on earth did you get this from????????? It is hilarious!

Am going to steal it and link to your blog.

By the by, do you like Queens of the Stone Age?

Wi hatha il masra7 nil3ab bee!

Glory Rose! said...

lol... Glad you liked it! A friend gave it to me and I couldn't help but share it!

I know Queen of Stone Age, got a couple of songs but I am not crazy about them!

Little Penguin said...

"la hatha maal il banka!" that was a killer.. never laughed so hard.

and when the alien says 'bbbbenzzeeeen'.. unbelieveable!

Queens of the Stone Age are awsome.. way better than the pop we're getting these days.. The Feeling.. Kooks.. Klaxkons.. madri meno..

I'll send you more of these links..

Little Penguin said...

oh.. and 'Debba'.. that was hilarious.. absolutely brilliant!

Glory Rose! said...

ebrelna elthema estath!!
shno, ani m7'6a6a???!!!!!

This is actually a trailer from a movie, should be released soon in theaters in Baghdad, Damascus, Amman and maybe Dubai.... Too bad it's not coming here in Egypt :( !!!

Konfused Kid said...

Blank Creative is indeed very creative, you should check out their website. It took me a long time to actually convince myself it was done by Iraqis.

Glory Rose! said...

Hey KK,
I did check their website, pretty impressive!!

Anonymous said...

hey glory rose i am an iraqi guy living right now in baghdad i liked when u said most of all , a proud iraqi.
that's really powerfull i wish all iraqis be proud of thier iraqism.

I love baghdad

Glory Rose! said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thank you for your visit and many thanks for the sweet words!

I love Baghdad too :)

Anonymous said...

i wanna download some o these videos but i donnow how am not a real computer kina guy so plaese if its possible can u learn me how can i do that?

Glory Rose! said...

Hey Anonymous,

To have these videos on your pc, you need to get a software called "youtube and google video downloader, you can find it here:

It's a torrent link, so you need to know how to download torrent, and have a P2P software like Bitcomet or Azureus.

Hope I managed to help you, would be glad to answer any further questions!

Anonymous said...

thanks ur soooo sweet
still donnow how to do this thing but am trying cuz the comedy show (the star wars ) one is my favorite and i wanna download it so bad again thanks for ur help i hope we get to talk more.
by the way u have the same horoscope as mine.LOL
take care


Glory Rose! said...

Thank you again :) !

Tell you what, send me your e-mail address if you like and I'll e-mail the program to you... It's less than 5MB, will take some time to download but this is the best way I can think of!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Glory Rose! said...

Hey, I sent it... I also deleted your last post, you know, I am not sure if you are comfortable with your address out in the open :)

Little Penguin said...

shged 7abbaba. lol

Glory Rose! said...

LOL... That's one serious accusation!!! Enta ad elkalam da ya basha??! :P :P

You all seem to get this impression until you see the other not so sweet side of me ;))