Friday, June 8, 2007

There are things and things..

There are things and things..
There are things that ruin your day just because they are here..
And things you want them to be far.. There..
Who am I?
I am who I am and I have my reasons, and I don't have a reason to be grateful to you or anyone else. All I want is to stay alone & safe and may the whole world go as one package straight to hell.
I am who others spat in my face a thousand time until that filthy, nice feeling started growing and piling in my tight chest..
There are things and things..
Now tell me..
Have you ever tried breaking the red light at a checkpoint without being (DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?) or some president of some country?
Have you ever tried stealing a cigarette from your sleeping father's pocket?
To spit in the cup of tea every time they serve it to you so that no one else could drink from it?
To taste your bleeding blood after a fist fight with someone older and bigger than you?
Have you ever dreamt of throwing the hot soup in the face of that cousin of yours who doesn't even know your name but telling you how sweet it would be if you got up and made him some tea?
Have you ever tried sticking your tongue out for a giant saw?
Here I am now, begging you. Leave it all to that part of you who have had it.
in the face of that officer at the checkpoint.
And your father.
And those you meet in that cafe near your house.
And the cousins you don't know : stop JUDGING me.
There are stuff and stuff..
Here is your poor face saying that you will be the prey for things you don't know, I know you don't give a fuck but please don't worry.
I already did way worse.
Come closer sweetie.
Come closer without any real grantees or promises of any kind.
I won't protect you, won't love you, won't be around if you need me, and you'll know why you should be grateful for that.
You will learn how to feel the pain when I jump over that wall that surrounds all what you fear and hate.
For I won't jump to the outside.. I will jump to the inside, where thousands of things make you say :
I can't take this. I can't take that. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is being crazy?
It doesn't matter.
Who am I really?

You can worry now.
For together we will drink madness drop by drop.

"To be Abbas Al-Abd"

1 comment:

Little Penguin said...

so passionately furious.. why?

We're bound to be judged.. it's shit but it happens.. My advice, dont give a flying monkey about anyone in the world. Pursue your ambitions and somehow you'll be the person you REALLY are..