Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soor Alazbakiya!

On the request of the currently disappearing Little Penguin, those are some pictures from my trip to Soor Alazbakiya, the used books street:

The market next to the book stores, very crowded.

As you can see, not very crowded, the popularity of reading in Egypt is highly receding, a very worrying sign.

Afterwards, I went to "Madbouli book store", a very famous one in Egypt and Arab countries as well, where I got some very good Arabic books, everything I was looking for actually.

A list of the books purchased along with my cousin:
*The undomestic goddess "Sophie Kinsella".
* Ignorance "Milan Kundera".
*Taxi "Khalid Alkhamisi".
*Sushi for Beginners "Marian Keyes".
*The other side of the story "Marian Keyes".
*The brothers Karamazov "Feodor Dostoevsky".
*Life of Pi "Yann Martel".
*Five quarters of the orange "Joanne Harris".
*Bridget Jones's diary "Helen Fielding".
*Are you inoculated against the Harem?! "Fatema Mernissi".
*The Pigeon "Patrick Suskind".
*Testaments betrayed "Milan Kundera".
*On turning Eighty "Henry Miller".
*Nightmares of Beirut "Ghada Alsamman" .


Treasure of Baghdad said...

سوك السراي و شارع المتنبي جان هواية احلى. الله ينتقم من اللي حركوه

Glory Rose! said...

Akeed, there is no comparison here!!

travel girl said...

What a huge range of book styles! "Bridget Jones's Diary" was good, and I think the sequel was just as funny. Have you been enjoying them?
I too am concerned about Little Penguin's disappearance from the blogosphere...

Glory Rose! said...

Yes, all very interesting books, though. I already finished The undomestic goddess, Bridget Jones's diary and the Pigeon.. Currently reading Sushi for beginners.

Little Pinguin is driving me crazy, I am so worried I visit his blog every day hoping to find a post or at least a comment that says where he is, so far nothing... Maybe someone who knows his e-mail address would know, I am not sure!!

Little Penguin said...

I feel loved. lol

thank you guys, honestly I didn't mean to worry anybody.. if I had known my well-being mattered to the blogsphere I would've made sure I kept showing up every now and then..

Soor al Azbakiya looks so cool.. there are few discreet places where they sell vintage books and stuff in London.. nothing as grand as Soor al Azbakiya or Shari3 al Mutanabi.. When I went there with my dad in 2004, he would pick up a book, skim-read the introduction and say 'take it'.. we ended up filling the trunk of the car with books.. arabic, english, islamic, VERY unislamic (i picked them up without him knowing lol)..

I wish I could go back..

Regards ya sitti hanem..

Glory Rose! said...

Finally :) Yes, we do care about your well-being so you'd better not do it again or we'll hunt you down and... Do bad stuff to you!!! :P :D

I am actually planning to go over to Al Soor soon, some new books are due to arrive these days, I'd better go get what I want before someone else does!! :)

I can also see that your brother is still in Egypt, did he like it??
Alex is the most beautiful city in Egypt, it has a soul you can't find anywhere else!!

nadia n said...

"*Are you inoculated against the Harem?!"

Is that for real the title or a joke? I seriously can't tell.
I finished Beyond the Veil a little while ago and I liked it a lot though.

Glory Rose! said...

Hello Nadia, thanks for stepping by!

It is the real title, a very good book too. You can find it in this page


nadia n said...

Hi, good to be here!

Thanks, I just wasn't sure because she has so many books with "Harem" in the title, so for some reason I thought it might be poking fun at that. "Beyond the Veil" made me think a lot, though, and I definitely want to read some more of her stuff. Before that I was reading "Women & Gender in Islam" by Leila Ahmed, which is more about the historical developments than the theory, and more Egypt-centric, but also a pretty good read.

Also my favourite Kundera book, by far, is the Joke. Definitely check it out if you haven't.

Glory Rose! said...

I know the title sounds funny, maybe more convincing in Arabic "هل أنتم محصنون ضد الحريم؟؟" You should get it, it's quite good!

Leila Ahmed's is a good one too, more academic and local as you said, but nevertheless very interesting!

As for Kundera, I love the joke but The book of laughter and forgetfulness is my favorite. The truth is, I can't name any of his books that isn't a favorite along with the essays! :) I am a big fan!

Anonymous said...

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