Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today, I am not talking about myself "lucky you", I am here to share something I found recently.

Her name is Julia, and she is an artist. I stumbled upon her work during one of my Flickr frenzy attacks, and since then, I became addicted to all things Julia... She mainly does Illustration and collage, wonderful painting, and amazing Polaroid photography. I bow in respect to her, for she is truly what I believe to be a free soul, an artist.

Unfortunately, I can't get you some samples of her work here, it is all protected under copy rights but here you can find her website, a very enjoyable experience, make sure not to miss it. Or, you can visit her account on Flickr here!


Little Penguin said...

Why the hell do you live in Egypt?? If you were anywhere remotely close to London, I'd ask you out to go see the new exhibit at the Tate Modern.. it looks like it's a real mind-bender.. but oh well.. I guess I'll have to go see it alone, like all the other stimulating stuff which none of my friends consider worthy of their time..


enjoy the thought of being with me, eh? lol.. ;)

College is so cool.. I'm reading loads of new crap and befriending people I only saw in fetish magazines.. nothing erotic.. just really different.. true in a sense..

Regards :)

Glory Rose! said...

AWWWW How cute of you!!!!!!! :">
Believe me, I have no idea why the hell I am living in Egypt!! :P
Tell you what, if I was there, I would have gone out with you! :D "You said you look like HP, right??! ;), haha just kidding!"

This looks great! You have a great taste in art ;), make sure you stay available till I am done with college and I'll come over to proclaime that date! :P

College sounds wonderful meeting all those interesting people! I walk around here watching similar people with the same boring thoughts and I don't feel like belonging! After second thoughts, maybe I can join you, what do you say?!! :D

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! :)

Little Penguin said...

3adma, I'll have Bill Gates delete your blog once I plan to propose to someone.. what on earth will she make of this flattery of yours? lol

I'm not as dashing as Daniel Radcliffe.. but mashi 7ali.. lol

I still haven't had time to go see the exhibit.. inshallah I'll make some time over this weekend.. allah kareem..

write more.. Bridget Jones is fun but it shouldn't take so much of your time.. write, write and write..