Sunday, July 29, 2007



Ha khoti ha! E7na elassasna elmal3ab we7na elnel3ab bei!!!


Dreamer said...

Congratsss to everyone. it was such a good game. they deserve it and we deserve it, too.

Little Penguin said...

I think I have a crush on Nashat Akram.. lol

ya sitti hanim, where are the soor il azbakiya pictures you promised to post??

no soor il azabakiya pics = no iraqi celebrations in london pics which I shot and videos and kulshee kelashee.. :P


Glory Rose! said...

lol... I save my crush for Younis :D, I just LOVE him!

No soor il azbakiya pics because there was no soor al azbakiya aslan!!!

Some major complications keeping me busy to the bones, I can't go these days at all!

Beside, I decided to leave this visit for a better weather, it's melting these days and I am not allowed to go out in hot weather "medical problems", so I'll leave it for maybe next month when both my personal and weather circumstances allow it, but I am keeping my promise, you'll have loads of pics as soon as I get them!

I rest my case, and I believe I have very good excuses, so where are my celebration pics :D???!!!