Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Title!

I bought a new mug, I watched it all fall in front of my eyes, I had a minor break down, I wanted to die, worthless is my word!


Treasure of Baghdad said...

Take it easy Adma... You can buy a new one. What about Iraq that was broken into millions of pieces. We can't even buy a new one. Even if we want to bring it together, it won't be the same.

I loved your blog especially the Iraqi version of Sesame Street. Watch it again and you'll feel better :)

Glory Rose! said...

Hi there Treasures of Baghdad,

Thank you for your visit, Glad you liked my blog :)

As for the mug, actually that's a metaphor... Notice the I watched it "ALL" fall in front of my eyes, that's a lot of things and what's happening back home is definitely one of the broken things :) !!

Bill said...

Hey glory rose!

Sometimes when a girl does it..its even better Debbie Davies :D

Glory Rose! said...

Nah, it's ALWAYS better when a girl does it :P !! Just kidding!

I totally agree with you on this one, I love the vid, she is quite a character too!!

Thanks, Bill!!! :D

Bill said...

yes (sometimes) was a poor choice of words...OF COURSE it's always better when a girl does it..heh

hey..glad U liked the vid, shes one of my fav girl players :)