Saturday, December 22, 2007


I was watching the news less than an hour ago, there was a report about the general conditions of children living in Iraq. It's nothing new, I know, we all are familiar with how bad the current situation is, and we all saw pictures and reports about this specific issue. But still, it doesn't fail to astonish me every single time I watch or hear about it. It is nothing to be described less than a disaster!!!

Imagine that the mortality rates of children till the age of 5 is 10%. It means that of every 100 child, 10 will die from various reasons including diarrhea and recently cholera!!!! If this number doesn't strike you, don't keep reading!

This puts Iraq who was one of the top ranking countries in health facilities in the lowest ranks of health care! It is now officially the worst in the region, and one of the worst in developing countries of the world!!!!

I was trying to write down some more numbers and talk about other conditions like education and so on, but I think there is nothing more important than a child's health! After all, if he's dead, what good does it do him if they provide him with a desk at school???!!!!

Coming to the next point, like all of you, I felt helpless, there is nothing we can do to solve this problem! But I have a part of a solution!

This is a copy from a project plan made by a friend of mine in Iraq, Ausama Idrees, who is a medical student, an activist and an Oxfam Australia action partner :

I'm starting a project here in the city where I currently live, this project is about helping the Orphans through supplying the only two Orphanages with essential materials that they desperately need.
Through this project we – me and a team of other students- will try to achieve the following:
1- Buying the orphanages heaters and carpets, and this should be done as fast as we can since winter is on the doors and they don't have any heating.
2-The project also will cover the renovation of an existing room to be used as an entertainment room for the children.
3- Provide the orphanages with some educational books, stories and toys and also change the environment in those houses into a healthier and happier one.
Any donation by you will directly help more than 60 orphans living in those two orphanages and will be a gate into other projects that tends to help the Iraqi orphans in the near future.
The Project will start as soon as we complete the fund raising stage. And it will be monitored and supervised by qualified people and by Oxfam Australia as well.
We will make mid and final evaluation for the project and will follow up with it and monitor the needs after that.
We will also do our best to publish the final result of the project on the internet so that you can follow up with what your donations have made.

You can donate online here.
And you can also donate directly through Money Gram.
Donation can be also transferred to one of the local NGOs if it's necessary.

Help those children, help us improve their situation.

Back to me, please consider donation, or share any other ideas! Those children need your help, just imagine that the one dollar you donate can help save
a child's life!!!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate, I am ready to answer all of them, and if you want to contact the project organizer, this is his e-mail address ""

We need your donations, but we also need your prayers so don't forget the children of Iraq!


Little Penguin said...

For a couple of days I've hesitated to comment.. It's tragic what you remind us of, and I'm ashamed to say I sometimes try to keep myself busy with other topics because I know it's nothing I can help with..

I mean it.. there's absolutely nothing I can do to help now.. but once I have the slightest of resources, I'll do my bit to help those young souls..

In the meantime, all I can do is pray for them..

Glory Rose! said...

I know what you mean, I myself stop watching the news because it is very depressing! I am sure you'll do whatever you can to help, and even your prayers are most appreciated!

Another thing is the last news about the HIV-contaminated Albumin drugs recently found in Babel, the matter is unbelievably upsetting to even talk about!

I'll try to post any updates about the matter, if any happens!

Saba said...

Hi Glory Rose,

I'm posting to ask about ur friend's project about the children. I might be able to provide good amount of funding for him and his pals if i get a hold of him. I just emailed him but im too excited and cant wait for a reply! do u know anything about the progress?

By the way thanks for posting my (ana ya 6air) video on ur page :D .. love the music taste and the books! very impressive!

Let me know pls

Saba Issa

Glory Rose! said...

Hello there Saba,

Thanks for stepping by, it's highly appreciated!

About that project, I dropped Ausama a line and he should be contacting you pretty soon with all the details and updates!! :)

As for your video, the pleasure is all mine, I really love your voice and choice of song! ;)
And thank you so much for the lovely compliments!!!!